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Receive theoretical training and practical experience necessary to transform a community or environment, through more effective project work. Delivered in two parts, online and then in-country, the UCR University Extension Impact Academy answers the need of purpose-driven organizations: to recruit employees with a deep understanding of best practice, context and practicalities. Our goal: every graduate builds a long and successful career creating positive change.

Start date: November 1st

UCR University Extension Impact Academy is now offering a digital program

From November 1st, join us in completing the UCR University Extension Impact Academy program, digitally! Complete the online component only, with no requirement to book or complete your international fieldwork. We’re offering you total flexibility

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Our unique program

Flexible formats, personalized support

Part 1

Online course

Foundations of effective projects, understanding project context.

Choose one of three formats


2 wks | 40 hrs per week


8 wks | 10 hrs per week

Part time

16 wks | 5 hrs per week

Part 2

International fieldwork

Concentrated experiences, including exposure to 11 environments.

Choose one of two formats


2 wks | 50 hrs per week


4 wks | 40 hrs per week

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Why a UCR University Extension Impact Academy program?

A UCR University Extension Impact Academy program provides you with exactly what you need to quickly advance your career and make a direct impact in the field of sustainable development.

High-demand from employers

Employers want candidates with real world, practical insight into the on-the-ground realities

Start your impact-driven career

Network with international organizations and have access to 10,000+ jobs


Receive hands-on experience and be exposed to 11 varying environments

Build your

Use the 11 concentrated experiences to boost your resume and prep case study examples for future interviews

Start your impact career

  • Wildlife Conservation

  • Environmental and Corporate Sustainability

  • Global Public Health

  • Human Rights and Access to Justice

  • Marine Conservation

  • Education for Development

  • Climate Crisis and Clean Energy

  • Social Economic Development


Need career advice?

Book a chat with one of our career coaches

Book a chat with one of our career coaches. They specialize in guiding professionals in the sustainability and conservation sectors toward career success.

We believe you deserve a meaningful career, which is why this service is completely free.

Simply apply to secure two complimentary career coach sessions of half-an-hour each.

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Wildlife Conservation

Learn from experts in wildlife conservation and gain insight into what makes wildlife conservation efforts successful in context.

Environmental and Corporate Sustainability

Gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in an impactful career in sustainability, where you’ll work on analyzing the best methods for preserving the environment for the future.

Global Public Health

Gain insight into the practical realities of working to advance healthcare, and learn to deliver successful healthcare programs on the ground.

Human Rights and Access to Justice

From human rights to gender equality to sociology, learn to apply development theories on the ground. Gain the experience needed to advance peace and justice globally.

Marine Conservation

Gain the skills to kickstart your career in marine conservation and deepen your understanding of ocean preservation.

Education for Development

Deepen your understanding of educational principles and practices, and increase your potential for career development in organizations engaged with global education issues.

Climate Crisis and Clean Energy

Empower yourself for a career that engages with the climate emergency and gain an understanding of carbon emissions, energy consumption, and other factors.

Social Economic Development

Explore different approaches used across the world to stimulate local economic activity.

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