Career development

We provide personalized career services to assist you on your professional journey. You can book two free 30-minute sessions with one of our coaches who specialize in social impact and conservation sectors.

If you enroll you’ll have access to our full career services portfolio and we’ll work with you to achieve your individual professional goals up to 12 months after the completion of your program. Our programs also come with a career success guarantee. That’s how confident we are in their career-enhancing capabilities.


  • Identify career interests
  • Resume feedback
  • Job search strategies


  • Career paths
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interviewing techniques


  • Latest job vacancies
  • Recruiter webinars
  • Industry insights

Want to know more about our career services?

Join a webinar. It’s absolutely free.

Speak to senior members of our team who were key decision-makers in designing our programs. You’ll learn all about why it is so important to us to provide our participants with career insights tailored both to them and social impact sectors.

What's your next career move?

Get help. You don’t have to make these kinds of decisions alone. Book a chat with one of our social impact career coaches.

Work with them to identify where you’re at in your impact career journey and what your next best steps would be.

UCR University Extension Impact Academy aims to produce successful graduates who secure rewarding careers in social development or conservation.

Build your professional profile

Your career journey

  • Discuss your career options with a career coach
  • Read inspiring graduate stories
  • Make a start on your resume using online resources
  • Build your digital profile
  • Get resume feedback, job search resources and application reviews
  • Prepare for a successful interview
  • Attend online webinars with recruiters