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Join a group of driven, like-minded people looking to advance their careers and work toward positively impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

UCR University Extension Impact Academy is now offering a digital program

Start date: August 1st

UCR University Extension Impact Academy is now offering a digital program

From August 1st, join us in completing the UCR University Extension Impact Academy program, digitally! Complete the online component only, with no requirement to book or complete your international fieldwork. We’re offering you total flexibility.

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  • Five people sit around a small table filled with papers. Three lean over papers with pens. One sits up talking.

    5 experienced speakers

    Participate in masterclasses which allow you to quickly develop insight into the on-the-ground realities of international development. Hear first-person accounts from senior leaders in NGOs, government and social enterprises.

  • An aerial photograph of a small boat with several people surrounded by large body of calm water.

    5 leading organizations

    Attend site visits which provide you with hands-on experience in the subject area you’ve chosen. Immerse yourself in a variety of local organizational contexts to observe, analyze, engage and conduct informal interviews.

  • Two people stand in front of a class of children. 1 is holding up a poster.

    Relevant final project

    Develop a portfolio of work which will be available to potential employers. This project ties all your program knowledge together.

  • Photo 4 of an on field experience activity

    Vibrant base life

    For 2 or 4 weeks, live with like-minded individuals from around the world who are looking to advance their career in the sustainable development space. Spend time discussing and learning from each others diverse experiences.

  • Photo 5 of an on field experience activity

    Country exploration

    Spend evenings and weekends exploring your chosen location. Immerse yourself in the culture, and reflect on the days’ learning with your fellow participants.

How we're unique

Resume building

Use the concentrated, practical experiences to boost your CV and job readiness

Access to the latest jobs

Search and apply to over 10,000+ global vacancies

Career counseling

Receive regular coaching from subject area experts

Real-world immersion

Be exposed to 11 unique and contrasting environments

Global networking

Form connections with global educators, development organizations, alumni and students